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ProVeyance Group is a leading North American manufacturer of advanced conveyance components and subsystems for package and material handling applications through two branded companies.

With a focus on employee culture and customer service, ProVeyance is expanding its manufacturing capacity and increasing product suites to help conveyance operations operate at maximum efficiency.

In addition, ProVeyance’s North American manufacturing footprint enables its customers to source high-quality products locally, eliminating the uncertainty of today’s global supply chain while reducing lead times and inventory.

ProVeyance Group Companies

Ashland Conveyor Products manufactures and assembles gravity and powered conveyor equipment, systems, sub-systems and related parts and accessories. Ashland features a robust e-commerce component site.

Woodsage manufactures specialty steel rollers and roller assemblies, including tapered, grooved, motor-driven and sleeved. Woodsage also makes precision-fabricated tube products for niche applications.