Ashland Conveyor Belt Selection Guide

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Conveyor Belt Selection Guide

Choosing Your Conveyor Belt

Ashland Conveyor supplies several options for conveyor belts, belt lacing, and belt lacing tools. This guide will outline the products we can offer and their benefits. While our powered conveyors come equipped with a standard, recommended belt, other belt options can be requested and quoted through a sales rep.

Conveyor belts can come with or without factory-installed lacing, or lacing and installation tools can be purchased separately. To purchase your conveyor belt with factory installed lacing, you will need to add this on as an additional product. See the bottom of this page for more details!

These conveyor belts are usually purchased as replacements for worn or older belts, or as an upgrade

 Conveyor Belts

Belt General Purpose (BGP)

Our general purpose belt has a black, smooth, PVC cover. The single-ply belt is strong, cut resistant, and stretches less than 2%. This belt may be used for general conveying of loose or packaged products for applications such as Metal Stampings, Lumber, Warehouse / Distribution, Live Roller Conveyors, Package Handling, and Case Sealers. The minimum pulley diameter for this belt is 2".



Belt Lacing

Lacing allows the belt ends to be connected and disconnected as opposed to an “endless” belt which is permanently spliced. Four types of lacing are available; Clipper (low profile, good for package handling), Alligator (low profile, does not require special installation tools), Ready Set (well suited for conveying heavy or abrasive product), and Bolt Hinged (extreme heavy duty for thick belts).Take a look at our Lacing collection page to learn more about these options!


Factory Installed Lacing

Our belts have the ability to come with preinstalled lacing directly from our supplier. To choose this option, you will need to find which belt will work best for your application and the correct length, then add on the factory installed installation as another item to the cart before checkout. Each belt will have the recommended lacing option as a related item. Both the belt and the factory installed lacing must be added to your cart in order for the belt to come pre-laced. If you have any further questions on this, please submit an inquiry through our contact page!