Ashland Powered Conveyor Control Selection Guide

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Powered Conveyor Control Selection Guide

Powered Conveyor Controls

Ashland Conveyor offers several control options that can be purchased with our powered conveyors and installed before shipping. These controls can also be purchased separately. Our control options include variable speed drives, toggle switches, push button stations, pull cables, foot pedals, and photoeyes. Take a look the guide below to see if any of these controls will work for your application!

VFD Controller

Variable Speed Drives (VFD)

Variable speed drives are responsible for giving powered conveyors changeable speeds. These speeds are based on the chosen standard speed and will provide a 15:1 speed control range (slower, not faster).

If you choose to order a powered conveyor that features a VFD as standard from our site, the conveyor will be equipped with a NEMA 1 enclosure. This enclosure is constructed for indoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts and provides a degree of protection to the equipment inside the enclosure against dust and dirt.

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Toggle Switches

Toggle switches provide a convenient way to turn your powered conveyor on and off without having to unplug the equipment. Toggle switches do not require a VFD or a Control Panel for use which makes them cost effective and simple to use. Ashland Conveyor provide two different toggle switch options. We provide a single phase for conveyors up to 2HP and 3 phase for conveyors up to 5HP.


Start/Stop Buttons

Start and stop buttons are a safety-focused way to run your conveyor. The start button has momentary contacts and the stop button is locking which requires a twist to release before starting the conveyor again. These buttons must be purchased and installed together. These buttons also require a VFD or a Control Panel for use.


Pull Cables

Pull cables are another safety-focused way to operate your powered conveyor. To use these cables as a safety feature on your conveyor, a VFD, Control Panel, or Toggle Switch is required for operation. This cable pull safety switch is interlock operated, with reset, and protects up to 164 ft. The Pull Cable features 1 normally open and 2 normally closed contacts with slow action break before make, 57mm wide, die-cast aluminum body, and three conduit openings that accept 1/2 inch NPT fittings.

Cable Kit

The Cable Kit is sold as a separate item, but is also required to operate the Cable Pull safety switch. This cable kit includes (1) 65 ft. 4mm diameter steel cable with red plastic coating, (9) galvanized steel eyebolts, (1) galvanized steel tensioner/gripper and (1) 4mm allen key. One end of the steel cable is terminated with a thimble, permanent clamp and a threaded quick link.


Foot Pedals

A foot pedal is a convenient method of starting or stopping a power conveyor and offers easier control of the conveyor. This model springs back for off/on control (momentary contact). It is a single pole double throw switch (SPDT). The rating is 20 amperes at 110 volts AC. This item does not require a VFD or a Control Panel, but can work in conjunction with either option.


Photoeyes provide a conveyor with the ability to start and stop with hands-free technology. The photoeye light beam and sensor work together to start or stop the conveyor when a conveyed item breaks the light beam.

To properly use photoeyes, they need to be wired correctly in order to provide your conveyor with the desired function. The most common use of photoeyes is to have the conveyor stop when a package/item breaks the light beam and have the conveyor restart when the light beam creates contact with the sensor again.


Power Cords

Power cords are available for purchase with conveyors using 110VAC. Our powered cords come in a 7' or a 20' depending on the needs of your application. Powers cords require a VFD, toggle switch, or a control panel for use.