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Support Selection Guide


Many of our conveyor sections do not require supports, but some do. It is common practice to take sections of roller conveyor and bolt them directly to the floor. However, when working with our powered units, floor supports must be used to provide room for the motor.

Our conveyors do not come with supports. Our conveyor frames are designed to have supports placed every 5' or 10'. If you are looking to increase the capacity of your conveyor frame, you can put supports every 5'. For example, a 10' conveyor would have 3 supports; one at each end, and one support the middle. The capacity differences between the 10' and 5' support centers are listed in the construction of each roller conveyor on the product page. Supports need to have the capacity to hold the conveyed items as well as the conveyor itself.

All of our supports have adjustable heights to reach your desired height or slope. Our supports are given heights from the floor to the top of the stand. It is important to account for the height of the frame when mounted to the top of the support. For roller conveyors, you will need to add approximately 2.5", 3.5", or 4" (depending on frame) to the top of the stand to get the true height of the conveyor to the floor to the top of the frame.

Some frames and supports are compatible with each other, and some are not. Take a look at the chart below to make sure you choose the correct supports designed for your conveyor frame.

Supports Frame Compatibility Ashland

Tripod Supports

Tripods supports are used in lightweight applications that are designed to be portable. They are easy to set up as they fit right within the cross brace of our light duty gravity conveyors. These adjustable supports can be used with straight or curved sections of skatewheel and 11F frame conveyors.

The T-bar on the support is 1-1/4" ODx 11 ga. steel and the legs are 12 ga. steel. Each tripod supports has a 400lb. capacity limit. Use the graphic below to see how we abbreviate our Tripod part numbers:

Ashland Tripod Stand

H-Stand Supports

Ashland Conveyor is able to offer multiple styles and capacities of H-stand supports. These options range from light duty, to heavy duty, to castered options. Make sure to refer to the table above to see which H-stand supports will work with your conveyor frame. Capacities range from 1,500 to 5,000 lbs. per support. You can use the graphic below to learn how we abbreviate our H-Stand part numbers:


Multitier Supports

Multitier supports provide support for multi-level conveyor runs. Multitier supports can be used with all gravity skatewheel and gravity roller conveyors. One pair of kneebraces are included to provide extra stability to the assembly. A standard support will allow you to create 2 levels of conveyor, but additional tiers are available to add tiers to your syst

Ahsland Multi-Tier Conveyor Supports

Ceiling Hanger

Ceiling hangers provide a safe means of reaching higher elevation that floor supports. This allows floor space to be efficiently utilized. Ceiling hangers may be used with all conveyor. The capacity limit of our ceiling hanger is 1,250 lbs. Conveyor guarding is recommended for overhead applications. To see what guards are available, click here.

ceiling hanger, ceiling support

Low Profile Supports

Low profile supports are a great way to get your conveyors off the ground, add slope, and still keep a low profile. Mean height range from 1" to 6". Low profile supports are sold in pairs. Each pair of supports has a 2500 lb capacity limit. To see our selection of low profile supports, click here.


Knee Braces

Knee braces provide added structural support between the conveyor and the floor support. These braces are recommended for use with nose-over units, supports that feature casters, or free standing conveyors.

Knee braces help to prevent the legs from buckling under the conveyor when moving the conveyor assembly throughout your facility. Adding this additional support to your conveyor stands will keep your conveyor lanes sturdy which can help prevent accidents in the work place.



The knee brace is made of 1-1/2" x 3/16" painted steel while the bracket is made from 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" steel angle. Knee braces are sold as pairs and includes the braces, brackets, and fasteners. Some field drilling may be required.


Ashland Conveyor provides (3) knee brace options to best fit your application. Take a look at the table below to properly choose which brace will work for you:

Ashland Support Options


As a general guide, refer to the following table when determining slope. Conveying a heavier, firm surface will require less slope than a lighter, softer surface. A field test should always be performed to determine proper slope.

Ashland Slope Chart