Ashland Specialty Conveyor Supports

Specialty Conveyor Supports

Ashland Specialty Conveyr Supports allow the creation of multi-level or low-to-the-ground conveyor systems.

Multi-Tier Conveyor

Ashland Multi-tier Conveyor Supports allow the creation of multi-level conveyors with a single support structure. These supports can be used with all gravity skatewheel and roller conveyor systems.

  • Kneebraces are included by Ashland to provide extra system stability.
  • Additional tiers are available.
  • Assembly required.
Ahsland Multi-Tier Conveyor Supports

Low Profile Supports

Ashland’s Low Profile Supports fit into restricted spaces, which frees up valuable space options for workers or machinery and allow conveyors to be set low to the ground. Low Profile Supports are specifically designed to support conveyors with a top-of-stand from 5/8" to 6" from the floor.

  • Low profile supports are sold in pairs.
  • Conveyors are not included.
Ahsland Low-ProfileConveyor Supports