Conveyor Components

ProVeyance components are manufactured to the highest-quality standards for use in new conveyor systems or to keep your existing system operating a peak efficiency.

Components Sage Conveyance
Conveyor Rollers_Sage Conveyance
Conveyor Rollers - Sage Conveyance
Conveyor Rollers_Sage Conveyance
Conveyor Rollers_Sage Conveyance

Tapered Rollers

Straight Rollers

Gravity Rollers

Roller Types

  • Galvanized
  • Raw
  • Rollers with Lagging
  • Sleeved Rollers


  • Axle Rods
  • Ball Transfers
  • Ball Transfer Inserts
  • Casters
  • CDLR Motors
  • Controls
  • Conveyor Parts
  • Cross Braces
  • Floor Locks
  • Gates
  • Guards
  • Hardware
  • Hooks
  • Knee Braces
  • Pop-Out Rollers
  • Power Belt Motors
  • Rails/Channels
  • Roller Bearings
  • Roller Brackets
  • Skatewheels
  • Stops
  • Support Parts
  • Work Surface


  • Food-Grade
  • General Purpose PVC
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Incline & Severe Incline


  • Ceiling Hangers
  • H-Stands
  • Low-Profile
  • Multi-Tier
  • Tripods

Conveyor Roller FAQ

The primary factor for roller selection is the estimated load and assessment of load conditions.

  1. If your application features heavy loads, choose larger diameter rollers that meet/exceed the load per roller.
  2. If your application features impact loading conditions, choose larger tubing with a heavier gauge.
  3. A high-speed system would require precision-balanced rollers with high-performance bearings.