Power Conveyor or Gravity Conveyor?

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Power Conveyor or Gravity Conveyor?

How do you choose between using power conveyors or gravity conveyors?

Which conveyor will work best for you and your application? The choice between these two options can be determined by a number of factors including your load size and weight, nature of the load, and the vision you have for your conveyor system. The best place to start is understanding what kind of product you are moving and the different products you can use to move it.

Which Conveyor do I need?

How do you need your product to move?

It is important to determine how you need your products to move. What does your application require? While gravity conveyors can offer transportation of items with a lower cost, power conveyors allow you to move your product up an incline, control the spacing of your products on the line, and move your products great distances without human labor. Powered belt conveyors can also help to move very small items that would get stuck between gravity rollers.


Which conveyor is best for your application?

Power vs Gravity Comparison

Still need help deciding?

Take a look through our powered conveyor options and our gravity conveyors to get a feel for their solutions.